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Wednesday, December 21, 2005  
A few days ago I posted my plea for Michigan residents to tell Governor Granholm to sign the Homeowners' Fairness bill - HB-4617S-4. I actually did this on several web sites. I think she is getting our message. I'm not sure if she will pass or veto the bill, but I'm convinced she knows the previously silent majority is speaking out through the Tittabawassee River Voice and our friends at Midland Matters.

Last week my friend Len and I had radio spots running on WSGW, a local radio station, all week long. The clincher was Wednesday, when Len had an interview session on the Art Lewis show on WSGW. Len's amazing when it comes to explaining such matters. I think he really got our message across because Thursday and Friday Art Lewis had call-in's all in support of the legislation. Folks this is democracy at work!!!

10:48 PM

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Monday, December 12, 2005  
If you are a Michigan resident please contact Governor Granholm today... and tell her to sign HB-4617S-4. Referred to as Homeowners' Rights legislation, it passed in the Senate last week - thoroughly upsetting our opponents who want big bucks from Dow and don't want logical or legal resolution. Last week the local environmental extremists flooded local airwaves with their reasons why the legislation should be vetoed by the governor.

By Friday we raised enough money to get our two cents worth in. We recorded our plea to residents asking them to phone, email or write to Governor Granholm and tell her to pass House Bill 4617 as revised and passed by the Senate. We will be on the air several times a day all of this coming week on WSGW in Saginaw and in Lansing as well... an affiliate of WSGW.

Some background: A couple of years ago our whole area was impacted by the goals of a special interest environmental extremist group, which is funded by big national money. I am co-founder, along with Len Heinzman, another resident, of an honest to goodness grassroots group known as the Tittabawassee River Voice. We were able to get enough local support via signatures to jump-start the homeowners' rights legislation and get it all the way through Michigan's House and Senate. Now the special interest extremists are worried and pressuring Governor Granholm to veto the bill.

If you live in Michigan please contact the governor today and tell her you want your residential property protected from being called a 'facility' without actual proof that it is contaminated. Tell her to sign HB-4617S-4. Please ask your friends to do so. The bill is currently on the governor's desk & it is expected she will make her decision, maybe before week's end. It's not about Dow or dioxin. It's about being 'guilty' of owning a contaminated property without having that property inspected.

You, too, could be guilty of owning a toxic waste facility if the Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality decides, for instance they don't want weedkillers used on lawns... or find lead paint in houses in your neighborhood... and I could go on. MDEQ is already controlling your property if you own property in wetlands, lakefront or river front, sand dunes, any place containing ground water... well that just about covers the whole state, doesn't it?

In our case, the company involved, Dow Chemical, is already in the cleanup process and will continue according to their work plan with MDEQ and Michigan Lieutenant Governor Cherry. All you have to do is go to,1607,7-168-21995-65331--,00.html - fill in the form and submit it. Granholm's office will be tallying the responses. Just fill in your real name, city & state, the issue is Homeowners' Rights legislation, HB-4617S-4, you are FOR it... and in the opinion section, something to the effect 'Please sign HB-4617 as amended & approved by the Senate. I believe the state should not be allowed to say my property is contaminated unless it has been tested and proven so.

Please do this today. For more info go to my Tittabawassee River Voice website.

10:32 AM

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Friday, September 30, 2005  

Alexander Calder created more than this one piece but people who live in the Grand Rapids area just call it 'The Calder.' I took many shots of it... from several angles... and I think it is an amazing piece.

I uploaded a different shot of it here but from that angle it sort of reminded me of Snoopy.

Actually Calder was a fantastic and prolific artist. Shows just how provincial I am, doesn't it? Here is a great website about him and it shows his work

Just a little FYI - if you click on 'Calder's Work' then 'View Work by Life Period,' you will see this piece from the angle that reminded me of Snoopy in the period 1953-1976.

Interested in the statistics about it? Here they are. Titled: La Grande vitesse -1969 - Constructed of Steel plate, bolts, and paint - 43' x 55' x 25' - The City of Grand Rapids and Countyof Kent, Michigan - Registration Number A00367

11:37 PM

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Saturday, April 23, 2005  
My 26 Things Are Coming Together...... and I decided to keep track here. No, not the pictures, just the topics! If you have a digital camera I hope this motivates you to get moving and put something together too! Hey, you can even work as a team if you want to. I'm sure Tracy, who put together the list, doesn't care. Remember - rules are pretty loose actually and she will provide a place to post your 26 Things on May 1 - Australian time!
Okey Dokey.... here's the list:
01DONE...... Direction
04DONE...... Falling
05DONE...... Permanent
09DONE...... Pile
10DONE...... In/Out
12DONE...... Sometimes
14Can't Live Without
15DONE...... On the Move
16DONE...... Holding Back
17Out of Control
18Awe Inspiring
19DONE...... Just a Sample
20DONE...... On the Edge
21DONE...... Do You See What I See?
22DONE...... All Grown Up
23DONE...... What The?
24Making It Official
25DONE...... In Two's
26Unfinished Business

3:18 PM

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Thursday, March 24, 2005  
Turkeys... no it's not Thanksgiving. It was March 14, 2005 between 4:15 pm and 4:30 when we saw these critters on the corner of a busy street in Midland. As traffic whizzed by they seemed to be totally relaxed... a bit of feeding and a lot of flirting. Looked like two males and 4 females, although the other male wasn't quite able to fan his feathers like this fellow did. Perhaps the other was younger; I'm not sure since I know nothing about turkeys. We sure enjoyed photographing them though!

11:50 AM

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Friday, January 28, 2005  
We were down by the river... Freeland's Festival Park. This is the one right near the bridge. At the turn of the century... 1800-1900 - a guy named Archie had a slaughterhouse. I'm sending this photo up for the TR Voice website, but want to have it complete prior to posting there.

9:42 AM

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004  

Windy loves her new camera!!! Here she is... near my computer..... getting accustomed to using it! She sure is a quick study too! Posted by Hello

11:53 AM

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Friday, October 01, 2004  
Bubba and AmyLou Mae... what a team! Our biggest, oldest fellow and the baby and the smallest, our little girl. This photo was taken a couple weeks ago. Since then Bubba has decided to ignore AmyLou. Maybe she'll become a lap cat yet.
click to see a full page photo!

10:35 PM

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Saturday, September 04, 2004  

I have a new boat! Here I am taking a picture of my new boat! Stop by our little cottage and I'll take you out for a boat ride. You gotta love it!

Want to see what it looks like from the outside? Click here for the big picture of the launching! ...and as always, just click the pic here to see that one right up close and personal.

3:05 PM

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004  
Maxine's NoCook Cookies... Today I told a lie. The good news is I didn't know it was a lie when I told it. The bad news is I have to look for my recipe for Maxine's NoCook Cookies... you know, the ones with peanut butter and cocoa and oatmeal in them! I thought I had the recipe in one of my recipe sites and told OttO so... but when I went looking, it was nowhere to be found! I even checked our MSN private family site... nope!

I guess it's been a long time since I've made them, eh? Maybe tomorrow I shall find them. Meanwhile, thank you so much Natalie and Emilio for all the help today! I feel motivated to get out and do some more yard work tomorrow. Of course that big-a** pickup truck did a great job of moving those logs around for us... not to mention pulling down that dead tree in the front yard!

10:37 PM

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004  
Julia Child was a carnivore... and mighty proud of it!!! I know because I heard her say so on one of her Master Chef tv shows.

She loved to cook; she loved to eat what she cooked. has some of her recipes, her biography and more. Julia Child Speaks her Mind in samples of her sayings created by Ed Special of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

God bless you Julia... you touched many lives.

11:24 PM

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Monday, August 16, 2004  

We had a picnic by the river at Ludington State Park Saturday... very relaxing and enjoyable. It was a bit chilly but sunny and with a nice new warm sweatshirt, quite comfortable.

Sunday was slow, productive, and enjoyable... ending with a big photo op at the Clare rest area. See today's Grumbleeze post for details.

2:39 PM

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Saturday, August 14, 2004  
I don't pretend to know all about creating websites... so imagine my surprise when I discovered somebody's been messing with my domain! It never dawned on me to be checking some of the folders... I just assumed they were put there by my DNS (domain name server)... so imagine my surprise when I found things titled with sentences concerning the dipsh**'s attempts and failures and then finally a success!!!

It appears he got in via the Later Granni website which was parked at my salascove domain, so the first thing I did was change back to Blogger. Then I went back and deleted the dip****'s files... then changed a few passwords. Oh yes! Then I also had to go back & delete my Later Granni files from my domain too!

Got a domain? Check your files once in awhile. Hopefully this won't happen to you but if it does, don't let him get away with it! Love, peace, and all that...

4:56 PM

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004  
Oh yes... I'm liking the look! Heading back toward that place that will make this my home page. I tried 'My.Way' but there are a few things about it that make me feel more comfortable without it. My.Way is like a lot of other programs nowadays in that it wants to take over all the big jobs... search, etc. Sometimes it would just pop up on top of the other page i'm working with when i'm online, so i ditched it.

11:02 PM

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